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film speed for film and digital camera

ASA = American Standards Association
ISO = international standard organization
(both are same value)

Metering mode

The most common metering mode is
(1)Matrix meter or Evalutive meter.
(2)Center-weighted metering.
(3)Spot metering.

Matrix meter or Evalutive meter

It is default metering mode of all DSLRs.In this metering mode camera measures light maximum area of frame.for landscape this metering mode is very usefull.

Center-weighted metering

n this mode, the camera measures the light information originating from the middle of the viewfinder (it also absorbs image data from the rest of the frame, but the computer gives that light less importance). This setting causes the camera to focus on the subject in the middle of the frame and isn’t too influenced by any excessively dark or light backgrounds or sides of the frame. This setting is ideal for when your subject is in the center of the frame.

Spot metering

Spot Metering measures light only in focus area and ignores all other lights.I personaly use this mode for portrait and bird photography.

Set Up lighting with Yougnue


1. On button.
2.Mode: set M
3. : set RX
4.set channel : press two button and zoom (in same time), now blink channel.Just press left and right key for change channel.then ok button press for fixed channel. 4.Set group: Just press OK button .You will see blink group.Just press top and buttom button and see changes ABCDEF. Press ok set it.

YOUGNUE 580TX Controller

1. On Button.
2.Set channel : Press zoom/CH button long time you will see blink CH.Just up and down arrow key change channel and for set OK button.(note : must be set same channel as flash).
3.Set Group : Press GR button and select group same as your flashs. you can set ABC group ,if press long time GR button you can see DEF also.