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 Candid Wedding Photographer in Kolkata

We are a team of talented and experienced professional specialize in wedding and event photography. Our forte is documentary style wedding photography where we focus on capturing that spontaneous,unique moments more than those posed,fake shots. With the help of state of art photography and lighting equipment,We are mainly wedding photographer but we shoot all.words

Congratulations on your engagement! We know how exciting and overwhelming planning for a wedding can be, so we would love to help out with photography and give you one less thing to worry about on your wedding day. We’re a team based of Kolkata. Our photography is inspired by the classic and romantic feel of every special day and we combine that inspiration with a modern journalistic approach to shooting, to give you timeless images that you’ll love for many, many years to come!

We have been full time wedding photographer for years and we take the responsibility and honor of documenting each and every wedding very seriously.

We are not just wedding photographer for your big day, but we visualize and capture all the emotions flowing throughout perfectly,which you never dream about. We believe, each couple and wedding is unique. Keeping it in mind, we have different packages that suit you. You customize and decide what you want. Our packages may be vary depending on services you need, location, date availability etc.

Wedding is one of the most rewarding, inspiring and creative assignment which producing creative photograph that couple will enjoy many years. We have handled the day in a humorous and professional manner. We know our role as a wedding photographer and capture the memories of the day through our images and imagination. After all, in years to come it will be those images that will evoke the couple's memories. We think a professional photographer wait for proper timing, they do not shoot continuous. The current trend is photo journalistic wedding photography which is natural and candid. We allays try to capture storytelling image ,if this type of wedding style represent ten to twenty percent of total shoot, for the balance being taken up with more formal images of wedding. When we shoot formal images that time we use good lighting setup , because good lighting setup produce a drama of light and shadow. If we first try capture image without lighting setup, just use room natural light. Our high end camera and lens help this type of shoot , if light source too low then we use our 2nd option with lighting setup. So story of the day , recording events as they happen with a natural feel.

"Today's Pictures Are Tomorrow's Memories"