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Hi,I am saikat dutta wedding photographer. I started snapping the shutter from a very early age. My father used to give me his old film camera to take family pictures ,that was fun! As a teenager, I brought my first SLR camera Vivitor 3800N (1999) but within a few years I develop the necessary technical skills for serious photography. Then I brought my second camera Canon S3IS (2007) and the year 2007 I was brought Nikon nikon D80 for my professional use. Nowadays I use Nikon D750 for my all professional events. We shoot with the Nikon D80 and nikon D750, which both are fantastic wedding cameras. We started out with cropped sensor or fx camera (Nikon D80) and noticed a significant improvement in image quality when we switched to full frame Nikon D750. The experience of looking through the viewfinder was also a big improvement, as the viewing area is quite a bit larger. We also saw the better low light performance (great for dark receptions), and shallower depth of field (perfect for portraits).

why choose our photography team

1.We provide best wedding services in Kolkata,at very affordable rates.
2.We use high end light equipment.
3.Our photographer use full-frame cameras and top professional lens.
4.Our packages include pre/post wedding shoot.
5.Your own password protected online album(need little extra payment)

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